Westinghouse TV Reviews

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Westinghouse TV Reviews

For the features at their price points, the Westinghouse TVs can be a good purchase. 

The Westinghouse 720p TV
The Westinghouse 32-inch 720p is perfect for a bedroom, a kids room or a dorm, if you’re not looking a smart TV. It gives good picture quality, but you might have to put in small speakers for better sound. Being that it doesn’t have a QAM tuner, you’ll need a cable box to be able to get over-the-air-channels. For a 32-inch TV, it’s hard to see picture quality difference between a 720p and a 1080p, so this would be a better choice over a 1080p and you’d be saving money since it’s on sale for just a little over $100. With 3 HDMI input, a composite /component video input, and a VGA input for a computer. This is a popular choice for dorm TVs (just don’t forget the cable box). 

Smart 4k UHD
Westinghouse WD43UB453 model gives great picture for an entry level 4K resolution TV. It translates low quality signals for display without becoming grainy. For sound, it is recommended to adjust the bass and treble according to your liking to get the best out of the audio. With a 60Hz refresh rate, it’s not really recommended for gaming because of the lag in response time. It has all the ports needed for most appliances such as VGA, HDMI, aux out, digital optical out, component/composite, and USB. It is easy to set up. The Smart apps is a bit sparse. Overall, for under $300 at this size, it is a great budget 4K TV to hook up for your home theater system.

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