Vizio TV Reviews

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Vizio TV Reviews

Vizio televisions are known for high quality at an affordable price which is what makes them so appealing and sought after. Vizio TVs, while priced affordably for the quality they offer, don’t have that high-end feel appearance that other brands offer. However, if you are looking for a quality viewing experience at a budget-friendly price, this is a good choice TV.

When compared to other brands, Vizio TVs perform very well. Their 4K HDR features improve the overall picture quality, providing a unique and realistic visual experience. Competitive pricing, with quality picture quality even when in a darkened room all give Vizio a competitive edge. The low input lag also allows for a great gaming experience.

Best Vizio 4K TV

The Vizio P Series LED Television is a newer version of the P Series previously available. Its localized dimming feature makes it one of the better LED televisions on the market for a great viewing experience in a darkened room. While it’s not the brightest picture on the market it still provides great value and an ultimate gaming experience with its low input lag feature. The P Series comes in a variety of sizes from 55” to 75”. Also check out the 2016 P-Series in 50″.

Best Mid-Range Vizio TV

Vizio M Series 4K LED comes with many of the same features of the P Series but for a much more affordable price. Added HDR features offer a wider color palate, and a higher brightness feature making it great for HDR movie viewing.  If you are a movie buff this is the best television for you. Check out the M-Series models in 50″, 55″, and 65″.

Best Budget 4K TV

The Vizio E Series 4K TV offers the best bang for your buck with superior picture quality at an affordable price, especially for the bigger television sizes. Available in sizes from 43” upwards to 80” which makes it’s the best home theater option for the most affordable price. Available with all the same smart TV features that the other higher end Vizio televisions offer as well as a low input lag feature allowing for a great gaming experience. Check out these sizes: 55″, 65″, 70″, 75″,and 80″.


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Vizio Smart Features
In 2017, Vizio updated their smart features providing a better user experience. The TVs now have an on-screen type of interface which allows you to gain access to all web-based apps with the remote.

Remote Control
Vizio features a standard remote style, unlike the tablet-style remotes they featured in 2016. The new model is compact in size and design, but it offers better-improved functionality. A downloadable remote app provides you with access to the same smart TV functions straight from your mobile device.

Main Screen Interface
The Vizio Smartcast offers a more traditional style home screen. Applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are all available. Paring your mobile device is easy, all it requires is launching the application and starting the setup.

USB Playback
Plugging in a USB drive when the TV is up on the main screen allows you to playback items saved on the drive. View home movies, pictures and other sources straight from a USB.

Boot Time
Because there isn’t much to load on the television. The boot time is typically under 10 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest televisions on the market. This is due to the Smartcast fast boot feature which keeps the television in a sleeping mode instead of shutting it down completely.

Vizio televisions offer a great quality and viewing experience for their budget-friendly price. They don’t offer a high-end feel or appearance like some of the other brands on the market, but what they do offer in fancy appeal they provide a better value for your money.  Navigation on the Smartcast application can be tricky at first, but once you learn the inner workings of the system it’s a walk in the park, making it a valuable investment for your entertainment needs.

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