TV Brands is about helping you find the right TV to fit your space and budget. This site has the only known list of TV stand widths, the widths of the base of TVs that stand the TV up. This information can help you find a TV that’ll fit on your furniture, whether it be a wooden TV stand, entertainment unit, shelf or the like. The table below also has the range of TV screen sizes and TV prices by brand. If you are open to any brand that fits best, then try out our TV size calculator.

TV BrandSmallest Screen SizeLargest Screen SizeSmallest Stand WidthLargest Stand WidthLowest PriceHighest Price
Avera TVs49 inches49 inches40 inches40 inches$399.99$399.99
Element TVs24 inches40 inches13 inches30 inches$88.00$199.00
Hisense TVs32 inches65 inches19 inches48 inches$165.00$1,218.99
Insignia TVs19 inches55 inches9 inches45 inches$79.99$474.99
LG TVs22 inches77 inches11 inches69 inches$116.99$9,999.99
Philips TVs40 inches65 inches26 inches43 inches$298.00$848.00
Proscan TVs24 inches40 inches20 inches31 inches$149.99$238.00
RCA TVs19 inches55 inches18 inches43 inches$99.99$339.99
Samsung TVs24 inches85 inches11 inches57 inches$135.99$7,999.99
Sceptre TVs16 inches75 inches8 inches61 inches$59.99$1,199.99
Sharp TVs32 inches65 inches22 inches50 inches$169.99$880.99
Sony TVs40 inches85 inches15 inches57 inches$349.99$6,999.99
Sunbrite TVs32 inches75 inches31 inches67 inches$1,499.98$7,999.99
TCL TVs32 inches65 inches24 inches56 inches$135.00$1,099.99
Toshiba TVs32 inches55 inches27 inches42 inches$129.99$479.99
Vizio TVs24 inches80 inches18 inches61 inches$99.99$2,798.00
Westinghouse TVs32 inches55 inches17 inches43 inches$119.99$399.99