Sceptre TV Reviews

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Sceptre TV Reviews

Although the name ‘Sceptre’ might not be very familiar to some electronics consumers, the company has been around for almost 35 years. Established in 1984, this California-based electronics company produces HDTVs, monitors, tech gear, and other accessories.

Sceptre is a newer entry into the HDTV market and has established themselves as a budget-friendly TV maker. Having made computer monitors since their early days, Sceptre’s transition to producing HDTVs was a natural one.

Sceptre HDTVs are sold by major retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon,, and others. The company produces three types of models – 4K UHD, Curve UHD, and LED HDTVs. Each comes in a variety of sizes:

  • 4K – from 40” to 75”
  • Curve – only two sizes, 55” or 65”
  • LED – from 16” to 55”

When compared to other brands, the first thing many people notice about Sceptre is the price. Sceptre’s reputation of producing budget-friendly, no-frills HDTVs makes them attractive to those searching for a good deal.

The smallest LED models sell for less than $75. A 50” LED TV sells for around $300. Their 65” Curve model sells for about $750. And their most expensive model, the 75″ 4K, sells for around $1,200. These prices place Sceptre firmly alongside budget TV brands like Insignia, TCL, and Vizio.

Sceptre’s models are bare bones and functional with few features – no 3D capability and no wireless options. Beyond the basic menu functions, these HDTVs offer little more than picture and sound. However, the low price is one of the biggest benefits of Sceptre TVs.


From decades in the computer monitor industry, Sceptre knows how to make a good picture. Most reviewers agree that these HDTVs offer a good quality picture, especially in the 4Ks. High contrast and true-to-life colors in the 4K models offer an immersive viewing or gaming experience. The 4K models also have HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation), and HDMI 2.0, which transmits at 60 frames per second.

Features (or lack thereof)

For many, the quality of the picture is overshadowed by Sceptre’s lack of features, including lack of wireless. Although wireless streaming is not available on Sceptre TVs, some models have a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). Like an HDMI port, the MHL port lets you stream content at a much larger size from a mobile device, but not wirelessly. This necessitates the addition of extra cords and devices to allow wireless streaming.


Some reviewers note that Sceptre TVs have inadequate speakers. However, even though some models have small speakers, they also have an additional audio capacity. Other reviewers note that by adding exterior speaks or connecting Sceptres to a home theater system, the sound quality is greatly improved.

Need for Add-ons

The need for add-ons could deter some consumers. Many people would never consider paying over $1,000 for an HDTV without the features found on other brands of the same size. The lack of ‘smart’ functions and wireless connectivity means that consumers need additional devices like the Fire stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, or other wireless-enabled add-ons.

In addition, the need for improved sound may lead some purchasers to invest in additional speakers to enhance the sound. A consumer who finds themselves spending money on accessories to extend a Sceptre’s performance may wish that they had just spent the extra money on a higher-end model.


Reviews vary greatly for Sceptre HDTVs – five-star reviewers call these the best TVs they’ve ever owned; one-star reviewers call them the worst. Most reviewers fall somewhere in the middle and mostly highlight the low price as one of Sceptre’s best features.

The Consensus

With competitively-priced, affordable HDTVs, Sceptre’s market share is in the lower section of the price scale. People on a smaller budget or those who want a basic HDTV will be pleased with Sceptre which offer the basics – a screen and sound. Consumers who are interested in higher-quality electronics with more bells and whistles may be disappointed by Sceptre.

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