RCA TV Reviews

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RCA TV Reviews

RCA is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in Home Entertainment.  Whether you are looking for the latest fully-integrated cross-platform smart TV or just looking to take your movie watching and video playing experiences to the next level, reviewers say that RCA’s 4K series delivers cutting edge technology at an affordable price.  RCA’s 4K series combines the stepped-up features of the most well-known brands, like LG, Samsung, and Sony, with a price-tag more comparable to models like Hisense and TCL.

4K UHD Up-Scaling
HD has gone Ultra with 4K resolution and RCA is bringing it to market at a price everyone can afford.  After years of hype, 4k has finally hit the mainstream, bringing 4 times the pixels as ordinary HD.  This series also offers a high dynamic range (HDR), which boosts the contrast and the brightness of each pixel, creating a more dramatic image.  Companies across the entertainment industry are jumping on the 4K bandwagon, with streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu adopting the standard for nearly all of their original programming.  Apple is rumored to have made the same commitment, launching Apple TV 4K, meaning that the future is definitely formatted for MP4.

Are you getting the most out of the latest video games?  With stunning HDR colors, gamers experience a wider spectrum, creating images with more depth and shading.  A must-have for those running the latest devices, like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro that requires 4K output.  With 4 HDMI Ports, there is plenty of room for streaming and gaming devices, Blue-Ray players, and more!  Customers like the easy installation and the thin, modern, lightweight design.  With a crisp 2160p resolution and a Class 60 Hz effective refresh rate, gaming, and video streaming have never been more seamless.  True 16:9 aspect ratio allows you to view films as the director intended and a wide viewable angle of 178 degrees allows for a clear picture from almost any location.

Models in Review

RCA 55″ CLASS 4K (2160P) LED TV (RTU5540)
RCA offers its 4K Class (2160P) LED TV in a variety of screen sizes; 55″, 65″ and 75 “.  With great picture quality and Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) resolution, movie lovers and gamers will find a wider array of colors, with deeper darks and more brilliant bights.  Customers say they are pleasantly surprised at the quality of picture and sound at such a bargain price, making this an ideal buy for those looking to make the leap to their first 4K TV. Also available in 65″ (RTU6549) and 75” (RTU7575).

Need to get right in the center of the action?  RCA delivers an immersive viewing experience with their latest 4K series, featuring a curved screen.  With all of the same features customers have come to expect from RCA’s 4K series, the curved class offers the most lifelike video images on the market.  Sports lovers will enjoy a wider view of the field and a better view of player uniforms from a distance.  Provides all of the brilliant colors you expect from UHD resolution, with a modern design you can’t wait to show off during the next big game.  Also available in 65″ (RTUC6520).

Ready to integrate your tech across a multitude of platforms?  RCA ushers in a new era of smart TV that allows users to integrate their programming over a variety of streaming sources.  With a focus on simplicity, Roku’s cross-platform search enables users to pull across multiple apps without having to log-in or change inputs.  Switching between streaming services, gaming devices, even over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV is easy with RCA’s 4K Series.

Rokus Search features 4K Spotlight, which allows you to find 4K content across a multitude of platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more.  With access to thousands of streaming apps and endless hours of television content, RCA with Roku presents one of the best buys out there for customers who may be utilizing streaming services for the first time.  Customers who purchase the RCA Roku TV consistently rave about the super-simple remote, which, with around half the number of buttons as a traditional TV remote, you no longer have to hunt for what you need.  RCA has simplified everything with this sleek and modern design.  Also available in 50″ (RLDED5098-UHD) and 65″ (RTRU6527-US).


RCA’s 4K series offers premium features at competitive prices.  Whether you are upgrading to your first 4K TV or jumping into television streaming for the first time, RCA makes it easy and affordable with this great variety of 4K Ultra-HD TVs.

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