Proscan TV Reviews

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Proscan TV Reviews

For 25 years, Proscan has specialized in value-priced consumer electronics and appliances, including televisions. Does a better value immediately mean the barebone basics or can we expect a few bells and whistles from Proscan even with its affordable price? Below, we review 3 of their most popular models to see if what they offer for a low price indeed makes them a great value or would it be smarter to invest a bit more money for a bit better in quality and features.

Proscan PLEDV1945A-B

The Proscan PLEDV1945A-B starts the series with a 19-inch backlit, flat LED TV that looks more like and can be used as a computer monitor. Priced at about $129.96 (but goes up to 40-inches for $599.99), this model lacks any Smart functionality and connectivity but features a built-in DVD player that makes it an all-in-one entertainment center for any room in the house from a home office to a guest bedroom. The out-of-pocket price tag and its versatility add up to a value-added buy. As aforementioned, it resembles an old-school computer monitor at 17.38” W x 11.13” H x 2.25” D and even comes with a VGA port for this use specifically. However, it also has 1 HMDI port, 1 YPbPr, and 1 audio/video port. It even conveniently mounts to the wall.

Current owners agree the picture quality is above average even if the sound is just so-so. Going from TV to DVD was found to be too laborious for such a simple set-up. Overall, while the $129.96 price says “cheap” (and it is compared to the competition), the Proscan PLEDV1945A-B can be considered a steal with its consistently impressive picture. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Proscan PLDED4016A

The Proscan PLDED4016A is a “computer “monitor”-style, 1080p LED TV. The series starts with the 19-inch model with the low, low price under $100 and goes up to a 50-inch model priced $349.99. With Full HD, this TV has a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and 60Hz Refresh Rate. It has an attractive, slim profile with a generous number of connections like 3 HDMI, VGA (for using as a computer monitor), YPbPr, AV audio/video, RF, Coaxial Out, and more. It measures 41.5” W x 35.8” H x 10” D.
The price makes it a great starter TV for the kids or for use in an extra room. Again, the picture on this model gets high scores, but the sound consistently falls flat which seems to be the case with Proscan’s low-end line. However, the addition of a $50.00 sound bar seems to solve the problem for many current owners. It has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Proscan PLDED3273A

The PLDED3273A is the largest at 32” (but goes up to 49-inch in this series) Proscan LED TV among the 3 models we’re looking at. At $148.00, it’s a very affordable 32” Color Direct LED TV. It has a sweet resolution of 1366 x 768 and a 60Hz Refresh Rate. Current owners agree it has a high-quality picture for its out-of-pocket price tag. On the other hand, this model also delivers sufficient but never spectacular sound (which pairing it with great speakers/soundbar will solve for a few dollars more).

This seems to be another popular model especially in the Proscan line for consumers looking for something bigger yet still in the $100-price point. With this great price and crystal-clear picture, it’s a no-brainer buy for adding a TV to the kids’ or guest rooms. However, this specific model is not “computer monitor”-style so it will need a larger space to accommodate its width. However, it keeps a streamlined profile, so it doesn’t have a bulky body that’s hard to properly place. In fact, with its included quad-pedestal, it has a premium look for still less than $150.00. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

These 3 models support that Proscan lives up to its mission for a better value in the latest consumer technology. They are great starter flat LED TVs whose price tags, great quality, and even a few perks (like a built-in DVD player or 3 HDMI-inputs) make it a no-brain purchase for your family or guests. Since 2 of the models we’ve reviewed are “computer monitor”-style with the appropriate VGA connection support, they’re also ideal for the office/home office since they offer multi-function features too.

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