LG TV Review – Facts You Should Know

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LG TV Review

Facts You Should Know

LG TVs has of late gained popularity for offering the best TVs on the market in comparison to other brands. The company offers a series of new technology TVs such as the 4K TVs and OLED models. LG are the pioneers of OLED TVs, which are the biggest players in the market as they have improved features.

All the models in their lineup feature an inbuilt sound system to deliver a cinema-like experience. Most of their models feature IPS display that helps to increase the viewing capacity of your screen no matter the viewing position. They also feature smart technology that allows you to switch between apps and programs and connect easily with external devices.

LG products are of high-quality and last for quite a long time with minimal or no problems. They are priced low as compared to other brands and relatively easy to find. Their TV’s offer great sound, great picture, and are more durable and user-friendly.

Compared to other brands, LG TVs have excellent viewing angles ideal for wider living rooms and have a great smart platform. OLED TVs from other brands still use LG parts for their TVs. However, with an exemption of OLED models, the majority of LG TVs have average picture clarity as they don’t have great blacks.

LG TVs Smart Features

LG’s smart platform remains the best in the market though there is no tremendous change in it over years. The polishing and incremental updates have kept it at the competitive edge. It is more responsive, stable, and less predisposed to slowdowns.

Main Interface
LG operating system allows the user to control and access the most advanced features of LG TVs and connect to external devices as well. The main menu appears when you start the TV or after pressing the home button. It displays a list of all the installed apps at the bottom and three buttons at the top. The first button is the MP3 player, the second button displays the inputs, and the last button displays quick settings where you can change the picture mode, sound setting, and aspect ratios. Form the quick settings, you can access more advanced settings that allow you to discover advanced picture and sound settings, network, and channel settings.

Remote control
High-end models LG’s magic remote offers a motion-controlled point and click functionality. This makes it easier to navigate the menus. The remote is nicely sculpted and comfortable to hold. While it has many buttons than on Samsung’s remote, it does not require a manual or tutorial. It is well labeled and easy to use.

Web Browser
WebOS is user-friendly as compared to other web browsers found on smart TVs. LG remote allows you to navigate easily by simply pointing and clicking, which is more effective. It provides the user with a completely a better experience compared to the competing platforms.

Voice Commands
The WebOS LG TVs with the magic remote feature voice control. The LG remote has a microphone button at the center that leads to the search interface once it is pressed. It allows you to search for content as it can access many apps. The microphone button allows you to adjust the TV’s speaker to your room for quality sound.

LG Model Numbers
LG TVs are widely available on the market. In their lineup, the model numbers have a first letter that denotes the TV resolution and a second letter denote the year it was first released into the market. In most LG TVs, the model’s numbers start with an S, U or L followed by an F, H, J, or K; for example a TV labeled, SK9000, S stands for Premium LED model and K stands for 2018; therefore SK9000 is a 2018 High-end LED TV. For the OLED lineup, the model’s numbers begin with a letter, C, B, G, W or E then followed by a numeric representing the year. For example, E7 represents a Top Quality 2017 OLED TV.


In our review, Their LG OLED TVs remain the biggest players in the market, as they are better than other brand’s offerings in almost all the aspects. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all their TV models. While the smart TVs from the LG brand are packaged with the outstanding WebOS platform, their display is wanting. The LG Company provides you with a reliable product for your money. The brand offers a wide lineup ranging from cheap, lower resolution TVs to the very high-end TVs with their OLED models.

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