Hisense TV Reviews

Hisense Smart TVs: Are they Worth the Price?

For those looking to invest in a smart TV, one company they may turn to is Hisense. This is a Chinese company that’s recently expanded overseas and now has a western branch both in the US and in Mexico as well. These TVs are known for being high-quality while still being a great price. But are they worth it?

The Specs

These TVs come in a variety of options, from small TVs around 43 inches to big, spanning 75-inch TVs. They come with different picture resolutions, from HD to Full HD, to 4K HD. Some are Smart or Roku, or you can get a traditional television if that’s what you’re looking for.

The 50, 60, and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD televisions are the highest rated of them all, and they come with a variety of features. Overall, over 90 percent of consumers would recommend these, and they have many different features.

The Cheaper Options

One aspect the cheaper options lack, compared to other models, is the lack of HDR quality with the television. For example, the H50N5300 is cheap, and for 43 inches, you’re still getting a crisp picture. However, if you want to use HDR content when streaming or gaming, you won’t be able to.

The H55N5500UK  also contains a bit better content, but it doesn’t have the peak HDR. However, it’s better than the other options, and it’s better than conventional SDR. And, for the price that you’re paying, it’s worth it.

If you’re getting a set that does have HDR on it, the biggest issue is the brightness. It varies from each set, which means that some of the images within the set won’t be as crisp as others, but that comes with the factor of money. However, if you’re going to stay within a higher-range budget, the 65 inch TVs tend to do a much better job at having a crisper, clearer picture.

The Picture

While there was a bit of discrepancy in the quality of the picture, Hisense does have a great picture in some of their models. The 55H9D for example, has a crisper picture than the Samsung and other competitor counterparts, according to one reviewer. The display does vary, but overall, you’re getting a great look at a great price.

Price Range

These TVs are good for those looking to stay within a budget. Lots of times, these TVs cost about 50 percent less than their competitors, including Samsung and Sony. The range is anywhere from a couple hundred, to about $1200 or so for a really good TV.


If you’re worried about how heavy it is, especially if you’re setting it up yourself, the Hisense brands tend to be lighter. They’re on average around 30 or so pounds, which makes them slightly heavier than Spectre TVs, but weigh much less than the Samsung brands of the same size. The 55DU6500 in general weights just over 30 pounds.


The main flaw here is brightness. These tend to come out almost too bright, but they also come with the option to adjust the brightness, so it looks better.

Software and Apps

One common issue with Hisense TVs is the software. Occasionally, some models can be a bit buggy, in that the Netflix and the Hulu app can have issues with playing content and streaming. Software issues tend to be a major downside to this television compared to Samsung and Sony models. However, for gaming, it does well, in that you get a crisp and clear picture, especially on the 55DU6500.


The remote is often not responsive, and for many consumers, you have to be at a certain angle to change these features, or even get a new one because the original may not work. It also can be noisy in some cases.


Some of these have poor viewing angles. For example, the High Dynamic model has the common complaint of it looking bad, and it can be a bit cumbersome. It tends to get washed out. However, on other models, it’s not as bad.

Setting Up

Even with a couple of software bugs, it’s actually quite easy to set up, and you’ll have it put together in a short time, much shorter compared to Samsung and other models.

Built in WIFI

One major advantage to these is the built-in WIFI. It is quick to respond, which means that once you get the streaming set up, it will work pretty fast, allowing you to open up a whole new world on your TV.

HDMI Ports

On average, these TVs have 3-4 HDMI ports, which allows for you to have it hooked up to other devices. You also can get 2160p resolution with this, giving you a beautiful picture quality. With Ultra HD, it looks even better, but even the Full HD gives a breathtaking picture.

USB Inputs

With multiple USB ports, you’ll be able to connect your devices easily. You can even put your digital camera or webcam in there, which is something these TVs have over Samsung.


Overall, these TVs are a great bang for your buck, and you can get many different features out of it. If you just want a cheap smart TV with decent picture quality, this is the way to go, or if you’ve considered getting a smart TV but weren’t sure, this is also an option for you.