Avera TV Reviews

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If you’re looking for a quality high definition TV experience without spending an enormous amount of money, Avera offers several affordable options to elevate your home entertainment needs.

In our Avera TV reviews, we found that Avera offers an excellent lineup of TV models designed to fit your individual preferences. On the lower end, the Aeria and Solstice series are widely available and offer several budget-friendly HD models that are ideal for those looking for the best mix of value and quality. On the higher end of models, the Avera Equinox is the ideal TV if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive 4K TV on the market. Avera also has a premium line of TVs that offer a top-of-the-line 4K ultra HD viewing experience along with built-in Wi-Fi.

Compared to other brands, we found that Avera TVs generally offer a bright and crisp HD viewing experience, along with sharp sound from the built-in speakers. However, in our Avera TV reviews, we found some consumers prefer the use of a soundbar to bolster the overall sound system to make their TV experience even better.

EquinoX Series

The Equinox series provides a beautiful 4K ultra HD viewing experience. It’s the ideal TV if you’re looking for a more affordable 4K TV on the market on the market today. The Avera Equinox series comes with a technology that automatically upgrades its 8 million pixels to near 4K quality. The models come in various sizes – 40”, 49”, 50”, 55”, and 65”.

Aeria Series

The Aeria series is the most budget-friendly model of Avera TVs as if offers a crisp HD viewing experience along with a precision contrast enhancer that automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED lights based on the content on the screen. Additionally, the Aeria series TVs come with three built-in HDMI inputs to help maximize your home entertainment experience. TVs are available in sizes from 24” – 50”.

Solstice Series

The Solstice series is another budget-friendly TV that overall provides a great picture and sound quality. The Solstice is available in sizes 32” – 60”. In addition, the Solstice series offers a unique “hotel mode” which makes this Avera TV the perfect companion for corporate hotel staff looking to upgrade their televisions.

Stellar Series

The Stellar series is on the higher end of Avera TVs in the form of audio and video features. It offers a 4K ultra HD resolution making it perfect for the ultimate sports fanatic or binge-watching your favorite shows. This TV series provides built-in apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, along with a simple interface and remote for easy navigation. It comes in 32”, 40”, 50”, and 65” models.

Constellation Series

The Constellation series is a premium line of Avera TVs offering a breathtaking 4K ultra HD resolution with 8 million pixels for the ultimate home theater experience. The Avera Constellation comes in various sizes, including 40”, 49”, 50”, 55” and 65”. In addition, the high-end series of TVs come standard with a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound, a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution, and an optional Android TV Remote.

Additional Features:

WiFi and Apps
The Stellar and Constellation series are the only Avera TVs that offer built-in Wi-Fi and apps allowing you to access your favorite online content or quickly cast content from your mobile device.

HDMI Input
The Avera Aeria and Solstice TV models offer three HDMI input terminals, while the Equinox, Stellar, and Constellation series provide four HDMI inputs for all your entertainment needs.


Overall in our Avera TV review, we found that Avera has a reputation for offering a good mix of quality TVs at an affordable price. Avera has a long history of providing the latest technology into its products, and many of their TV models showcase that technology in amazing fashion.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive TV for your guest room or a premium TV to give your home entertainment system a nice makeover, Avera has several options for you.